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Glass fencing and railings

Safety has never been so elegant

Our glass fencing and railings accentuate your outdoor living space. Clean lines provide a contemporary design and an unparalleled touch of elegance.

  • Versatile, durable and easy to install
  • Square spigot supports
  • 12 mm tempered glass
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Versatile, durable and easy to install

Our Verrano glass fencing and railing system is the ideal choice for balconies and pool areas. These safe and robust products are perfectly suited for both residential and commercial spaces. They are designed to withstand the Canadian winter and require little maintenance.

We have an extensive inventory of panels of various sizes that can be incorporated into different types of projects, which helps to avoid order delays. The system includes 12 mm tempered glass panels installed on square spigot supports. Panels can be joined to a wooden or concrete surface, or even unistone, making them suitable for decks as well as other landscaping projects.

Urbania ornamental aluminum fences

A timeless and durable solution

Urbania ornamental fences have a simple, contemporary design that is perfectly suited to different landscaping styles.

  • Versatile and easy to install
  • Timeless and durable
  • Minimal maintenance
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A wise, timeless and affordable solution

With its simple, elegant and versatile design features, the Urbania fencing system is suitable for different needs. Due to its contemporary lines, Urbania fencing is easily incorporated into different landscaping styles. It remains a wise, timeless and affordable solution. The aluminum structure with powder-coated paint finish provides strength, durability and safety while requiring minimal maintenance.

Welding points are hidden under the horizontal braces. Three horizontal braces provide superior support to obtain 7′ spacing. This simple detail makes it possible to have longer panels, thereby reducing the number of panels and posts needed for installation. Post bases allow for surface mounting.

Motorized, bioclimatic pergolas

A timeless and durable solution

Chic, modern pergolas are suitable for all landscaping styles while protecting your outdoor living space from the elements.
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  • Suitable for all landscaping styles
  • Choose the perfect angle of the louvers, according to your needs
  • Choose your desired sun exposure
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To make the most of your yard

Our motorized aluminum pergola system is built using state-of-the-art assembly methods. Pergolas are well suited to all types of architectural and landscaping styles for residential and commercial design projects. They are fully motorized, allowing you to choose the perfect angle for the louvers, according to your needs, to maximize shade or natural light in your outdoor living space. The hidden drainage system diverts water so that it flows inside the beams, protecting you from inclement weather.

The Villa pergola provides unparalleled value for money on the Canadian market. With its simple, robust construction, the Villa pergola is quick and easy to assemble. Its aluminum structure provides long-term durability while minimizing maintenance. LED strip lighting integrated within the structure creates a cozy atmosphere on long summer evenings. You can also protect yourself against wind and mosquitos and extend your summer evenings by adding a screen. These accessories provide added value to your pergola.

The Monako pergola is recognized for its strength and elegance. Its clean lines give it an urban design, adding a modern and chic touch to your outdoor space. The robust structure is made of high-quality aluminum. The motorized system lets you choose your sun exposure quickly and easily. The Monako pergola can be customized. Available in various sizes and colours.