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Procam Distribution specializes in the importation and distribution of glass fences and railings, ornamental aluminum fences and automated bioclimatic pergolas. We offer to landscaping professionals and discerning consumers efficient solutions that add value to their projects with our high quality products. Our products such as glass fences and railings, aluminum ornamental fences and automated bioclimatic pergolas are easily installed by yourself or by a Procam Distribution professional. We offer tools and products from our installation hardware that can help you achieve an efficient installation process, optimal maintenance and a safe and elegant appearance.  Our products are made of high quality stainless steel, which guarantees you long-term durability. An investment that ensures a pleasant present and a promising future for you and your family. Our products are available for delivery in Quebec and Ontario. Thanks to our innovative transportation and shipping system, you will receive your installation hardware quickly and at a reasonable cost. 

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Hardware for glass fencing and railings