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Purposes and functions of pergolas

Today, we commonly use pergolas on decks and patios. We use them in particular to provide shade, but we also use them to define an outdoor area. This allows to give a notion of height or to define certain areas from an architectural point of view to embellish your outdoor space of your residence.

  1. Pergolas create a multifunctional shade area:
    Pergolas are ideally suited to protect you from the direct rays of the sun while allowing light to flow through the space. Although, as a stand-alone structure, pergolas do not provide optimal shade at all times, their versatile structures allow for many shading options throughout a day.
  2. Pergolas will enhance your backyard:
    Pergolas display undeniable beauty in their elegant architecture. Their design is intended to add a touch of sophistication to any garden, patio or pool. While their structure alone may catch the eye, the possibilities for enhancing the beauty, style or elegance of your pergola are endless.
  3. Pergolas provide a welcoming outdoor space:
    Pergolas are attractive because of their shady character and charm. They provide a gathering place for friends and family and the perfect place to eat, relax or play games. They add an attractive, fun and elegant element to a party, barbecue or wedding and can also provide an inviting entrance to a garden.
  4. Pergolas provide lasting value to your home:
    The shade, beauty and warm welcoming nature of the pergola are designed to add market value to your home. Experts say your home’s landscape has the potential to increase your property value by 15%. Presently, outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular, which puts pergolas and other enjoyable outdoor additions at the top of the list for adding value to your home.